Introducing Ajinai - Mongolian folk-rock innovators, and users of Tea Horse straps Posted on 3 Nov 01:26

We are in the final countdown to the official opening of our online store. It's just a matter of weeks now. In addition to our Emerald guitar straps, our store will proudly showcase talented musicians from China who have yet to receive serious attention overseas.

Among the first albums we will offer for sale will be Synthesis, from Inner Mongolian folk-rockers Ajinai! China has a number of Mongolian influenced rock groups, the most successful being Hanggai, but Ajinai have always been my favorite because they seem to so effortlessly convey the spirit of Mongolian music without having to closely adhere to its outer form. Eschewing easy approaches like wedding Mongolian melodies to crunchy power chords, Ajinai forges original compositions and arrangements that challenge the range of folk instruments like the horse-head fiddle just as much as it pushes the rock guitars and drums into new terrain. In this sense, they represent the evolution of Mongolian music into our post-modern era.

With Ajinai, you are not walking into a hushed museum of bygone sounds, but a challenging new sonic landscape that is neither modern nor traditional. It is a place where these forces interact, clash, and complement each other in unexpected ways.

Tea Horse is so excited to be collaborating with Ajinai, we sent band leader Hugjiltu and bassist Xiao Fei free Tea Horse guitar straps to use on their tours in China and Europe. We'll update you down the road with pictures of these talented musicians using their new straps!

Take a listen to this sample track from Sythesis: "I Walk Alone"


I Walk Alone (English translation)

When gathered friends disperse, I walk alone.

When inspiration is drowned out by noise, I walk alone.

When my beloved grandmother succumbs to eternal sleep, I walk alone.

When my sacred homeland turns to dust, I walk alone.

Alone I walk through the mist of this life.

Alone I walk through the tears at laughter's end.


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