Mongolian Bluegrass Mashup! Posted on 4 Jan 16:15

A few months back I blogged about Andy Eversole and Ben Singer coming to China for their wonderful Banjo Earth project.

I've finally posted all the video I took while they were recording the bluegrass classic Reuben's Train in the newly restored old house at Tea Horse headquarters. Turns out those 100-year old houses have good acoustics! The guest musician for the session was Gawa, who hails from Inner Mongolia (a province of China, not the country Mongolia). He brought his horse-head fiddle, and his incredible voice, to make contributions the Banjo Earth: China recordings.

Here we have Gawa demonstrating the horse-head fiddle:

Gawa's throat singing, or khoomei, was a highlight of the session. In this video Ben Singer is taking levels as Gawa demonstrates his throat singing skills:

Next, Andy began teaching the tune to Gawa:

It wasn't long before Gawa got the hang of it and started improvising some nice horse-head fiddle passages:

I hope that after watching these videos you are as excited about the Banjo Earth project as I am. It was a joy to host these guys while they were in Dali, and have a chance to introduce talented musicians like Gawa to an audience outside of China. You can pre-order the Banjo Earth: China album and documentary at the Banjo Earth website.

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