Emerald Guitar Strap

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The shoulder pad of the Emerald strap features the embroidery of the Black Hmong people of Northern Vietnam. Originally made to be the collars of jackets, the embroidered portion is cross-stitched onto hand-woven fabric using silk yarn. The dark braided appliqué expresses the creativity of the individual embroiderer, making each of these straps a one-of-a-kind collector's piece. The backing of the shoulder pad is a durable leather that will shape itself to the wearer over time. The strap itself is hand-cut from pull-up leather, which is known for gaining character with age. The pictures are intended to convey the range of designs and colors found in these straps. The appearance of your individual strap may differ. All Emerald straps tend towards a greenish palette, but please take care to choose which kind of green you prefer: Jungle (bright green), Forest (dark green), Grasslands (pale green to yellow/green), or Swamp (earth-tones). The shoulder pads are roughly 4" wide and 12" long, though there is some variation since they are produced individually. The strap portion is 1 and 5/8"  wide and is adjustable from 38" to 55".